Colorado Springs
Wine Tasting Classes

Whether you are a seasoned wine drinker or brand new to the world of wine, Colorado Springs’ Wine Tasting Classes, taught by professional sommeliers, Michaela Hightower and Casey Helm will leave you wanting more. More wine and wine knowledge, that is.

The Curious Palate Wine Tasting Classes

The Curious Palate Wine Tasting Classes are for those who are new to wine or have been drinking wine for a while and would like to learn about different types of wine.  Taught in a fun and friendly atmosphere where you are encouraged to share your impressions and ask questions, you’ll learn:

  • The difference between drinking and tasting… and why it matters;
  • The 5 S’s of wine tasting: sniff, swirl, sip, swish and savor;
  • The relationship between food and wine;
  • The clues found on wine bottles that will help you decide which to buy;
  • And, so much more.

Designed as a 90 minute tasting experience, each class includes expert instruction, samples of five wines and paired food bites.  Each class offers different wines that are handpicked by Michaela based on the season and current trends.  The wines served will be small batch and craft wines (similar to microbrews when you think of beer) rather than blends from larger, well known vineyards.  All wines presented are found and can be purchased in local wine shops or liquor stores.

Spirit Workshops

Enhance your knowledge and enjoyment of your favorite beverages in a Spirit Workshop.  Bourbon, Scotch, Vodka, Tequila and other spirits are tasted and explored.  You’ll learn about their aromatics, the taste differences based on how they are made, you’ll watch them bloom, and learn to mix them.  The price of each class includes expert instruction and educational materials.

Private Wine Tasting Classes at Home

Learn about wine in the comfort of your own home.  Michaela and Casey offer private wine tasting classes customized to your taste and what you are most interested in learning.  Nothing is sold at these wine classes so you can enjoy tasting and laughing with your friends with no pressure to purchase anything.  Class sizes are limited to 24 people so why not invite all your friends and have a wine tasting party.  To learn more about private wine tasting classes or to book one, call Michaela at 719-351-7191.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you select your wines/beers/spirits that are in the class?

We like to feature a well-rounded selection of wines.  Our selection process involves a fair amount of tasting, touring and tech sheet reading to bring it all together.  In the end, we provide a wide variety of tastes so the students in our classes can find a wine perfect for them.  All of the wines we choose are available locally and that is important because we do not sell any of the wines that we taste.

Some of the spirits tasting classes or wine regions have been covered in past Curious Palate events.  Do you repeat the classes or wines?

The diversity of spirits, wines and brews is sensational and the selection is wide.  While a spirit or region or grape varietal may be repeated, the items pulled for tasting are always different and the information fresh.

Who is teaching the classes?

Michaela Hightower and Casey Helm teach all of our classes. They each bring their own unique personalities to an event and strive to make each class fun and light-hearted while imparting the nuances of wine exploration.  Their goal is to introduce students to wines and spirits they might not otherwise taste and to spark their curiosity in trying new wines.

How many people are in the classes?

Curious Palate classes on average include 24 guests per class.  Space is limited because we strive to create a warm and intimate educational experience.  Reservations are required because we work with caterers to pair the foods appropriately. 

Why weekdays instead of a weekend?

The classes are designed with exploration, rather than intoxication, in mind.  They are more in-depth with the regions and profiles we are “studying” and are best suited to an event focused on education and cultural exploration.