Consulting Services

Wine & Spirit Consulting services for private wine and spirit enthusiasts, bars and restaurants.

Private Sommelier Services

For wine enthusiasts and clients interested in stocking, and cellar advice, The Pouring Parlor offers private sommelier services including initial cellar set up, cellar organization, cellar stocking, wine education and private wine tasting events.

Sommelier Services for Restaurants and Bars

For restaurant and bar owners The Pouring Parlo offers part-time sommelier services including wine selection, menu creation and inventory management.

Restaurant & Bar Consulting

Menu Creation

For new business owners as well as those who need to refresh their offerings, we will work with you to plan beverages by the glass and overall menu options including selections, pricing and merchandising.

Food & Beverage Pairings

It is proven that restaurants that offer food and beverage pairings on their menu not only increase their bottom line but also enhance customer experience by taking the guess work out of wine and beverage selection.  We'll work with your chef to select complementary beverages for your menu items.

Signature Drinks

To stand out from the crowd Michaela & Casey work with you to design unique drinks that will keep your customers talking and coming back for more.

Secret Taster – What’s going on in your bar?

Wondering why your bar is not as profitable as you think it should be?  Michaela and Casey will help you to identify and resolve issues that are affecting your bar or restaurant.  As a secret taster, visits your establishment at different hours can give great insight into how your operation is running.  Armed with first-hand knowledge of your customers’ experience we provide sound business recommendations to increase efficiency as well as profits.

Wine 101 for Servers

Increase beverage sales and improve server retention with our Wine 101 class for servers.  In this class we teach servers what wine is and how to speak about wine to customers.  Training includes specific instruction on existing wines and spirits and includes pairing suggestions. 

To learn more about our consulting services, contact us today at 719-351-7191 or click the link below to contact us.