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a tiny house that has been lovingly reimagined into a mobile bar that visits parties throughout the Front Range of Colorado.

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You have a moment to celebrate…memories to build…and loved ones sharing an experience you have crafted with great anticipation. We would love to be part of your moment…to offer bar services as unique as your event.


You are the Master of the Menu. We are hear to support your creativity to make your event beverage experience sing!

Whiskey Parlor

Whiskey can be finicky. Ice dulls the flavor and reduces the temperature dramatically; inhibiting the flavor and freezing its aroma.

Gin Parlor

The best way to taste gins for comparison is at room temperature, diluted with an equal measure of water. This reveals both qualities and flaws.

The Parlor in Action

The Parlor is a mobile event bartending service offering personalized beverage menu creation, expert food and beverages pairing guidance, hand-crafted cocktails, and superior bartending services.

Alchemy Parlor

Alchemy Parlor

Customized bar menu for your private event. Hire an experienced bartender in Colorado Springs, CO. The Alchemy Parlor offers the entire world of options in Wine, Beer and Cocktails! Wines are carefully selected to pair with food fare. Beer choices are a compliment to your palate. The crafted cocktails highlight fresh and inspired ingredients with a flair for history.

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