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You have a moment to celebrate…memories to build…and loved ones sharing an experience you have crafted with great anticipation. We would love to be part of your moment…to offer bar services as unique as your event.

We will make your event special

Our first step is to learn all about to so we can build Your Menu with you. We spend time with you learning more about your event, your ideas, your unique guest list, and your desired budget. We do a lot of listening before we do any suggestions.

Then we have several Parlor options to offer that act as a base-line for creating your event menu. The most popular is the Alchemy Parlor which creates room for beer, wine, and cocktails, without the pressure of creating a “full bar” demand. For cocktail-only Parlors, we have designed concepts that use two-spirit styles to make 6 fresh, yet historic, cocktails. These cocktails offer a wide range of flavor profiles that will meet the needs of all the various palates possible at your event…from gentle to bold…from sweet to dry. We also offer custom Make-Your-Own options that are equal parts tasting and entertaining!

Once Your Menu is built, we order the liquor direct from a retailer and have it delivered to the event site with no mark-up in price. Because we are not bound to a specific inventory, we can recommend anything under the sun! Our standard recommendations for cocktails feature affordable craft spirits; wine and beer are paired to best suit your palate and budget. There are no minimums and our extensive experience ensures the quantities ordered are appropriate for the size and style of your event.

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