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Trivia Tidbits:
Although the origin of the word rum is widely disputed, some etymologists argue that it was taken from the last syllable for the Latin word for sugar saccharum. Other names for rum include Nelson’s blood, kill-devil, demon water, pirate’s drink, navy neaters, Barbados water, grog, and rumbullion.

If you vigorously swirl a spirit like rum, all you’re going to get is a face full of alcohol. Instead, gently twirl the glass, allowing the liquor to coat its sides. Next, it’s important to begin with a tiny sip that clears the palate. Follow up with a larger sip that coats the mouth.

Ruby’s Libations

Tropical Escape ~ White Rum | Hibiscus Bitters | Grapefruit

Daiquiri ~ White Rum |Strawberry | Lime | Ginger

During the struggle for naval supremacy of the Caribbean, Spain & England battled anywhere there was water. British sailors were issued a gallon of beer a day. This was a logistical mess, so a pint of rum was a fair substitute. When mixed with water and limes to dilute the spirit, the English had the edge of fighting a little more sober & healthier. It also is one of the earliest known instances of the mix of lime juice, water, & rum, the base of a Daiquiri.

Kiwi Mojito ~ White Rum | Kiwi Puree Simple Syrup| Mint | Lime

The mojito was born on the island of Cuba and is one of the nation’s oldest cocktails with a disputed history. The name ” mojito ” stems from the African word of ” mojo ” which means to place a little spell. It has certainly stood the test of time and event had a resurgence in 2002 in the James Bond film “Die Another Day”…. James Bond uses the mojito to seduce Jinx (played by Halle Berry.)

Mai Tai ~ White Rum | Velvet Orgeat Syrup | Orange | Lime | Dark Rum Float

In 1944, Victor Jules Bergeron, better known as Trader Vic, was the owner of a tiki restaurant of the same name. With Donn Beach, The Beachcomber, they started the tiki culture… a blend of the Polynesian and the Caribbean. It was a place where people could escape reality and be transported to the tropics while enjoying tropical-flavored cocktails.

Painkiller ~ White Rum | Coconut Cream | Pineapple | Orange | Cinnamon Kiss

The Painkiller got its start in the British Virgin Islands at a quaint bar known as the Soggy Dollar. The 6-seat bar has no dock – the only way to get there is to swim up to it, so your dollars get wet. An English bartender named Daphne concocted a secret recipe using Navy Strength Rum to create the cocktail that came to be known as the Painkiller.

Dark n’ Stormy ~ Dark Rum | Ginger Beer | Lime (Candied Ginger Garnish)

In 1857, James Gosling, a brave sea captain, entered the rum business on Bermuda. Ginger beer, another beloved drink, was also produced on the island. It didn’t take long to realize that Gosling’s molasses-y Black Seal rum (named for the wax used to seal bottles) was the perfect compliment to the piquant bite of ginger beer. Thus, Dark ‘n’ Stormy was born.

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