Meet Ruby...

a tiny house that has been lovingly reimagined into a mobile bar that visits parties throughout the Front Range of Colorado.
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An Introduction

Ruby is the sweetest mobile tiny bar and she is happy to show off her prohibition-style cocktail creations, wine and suds service…and she thrives on being a special memory maker. Ruby charms guests with her custom design created by a local craftsman and loves to show off her hand-laid penny floor with a few secret custom touches.

The Numbers

While it’s not nice to talk about a girl’s measurements, we can make an exception here. Ruby is tall and thin…and is 15′ in length…so as long as she has the headroom, she can be snuggled into a variety of spaces for any private event you can dream up.

The Rules – You just can’t avoid them…

In true Prohibition-style, Colorado Liquor Laws prevent Ruby’s creators, Casey and Michaela from selling adult beverages publicly, but they can serve alcohol provided by the Event Host from Ruby at private invitation-only events. They are masterful at creating a custom menu for each event!

Room to Spread Her Welcoming Arms

Ruby loves to be out and about, but she doesn’t always fit in. So, she is an add-on option that is available when and if the time is right!


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